West Canister dive site

West Canister dive siteLocated far north in the Mergui archipelago, West Canister is out of range of many of the Burma liveaboard trips but if you like big fish it’s worth making the trip here.

West Canister is a granite boulder dive site with a maximum depth of 50m and good visibility, usually between 20m and 40m. Currents can be strong although it’s always possible to find shelter around the boulders.

Manta rays are common visitors and other pelagic species found here include tuna, mackeral, trevally, barracuda and rainbow runners.

The granite boulders are covered in colourful soft corals and encrusting sponges.Schools of snapper and fusilier plus all the usual Andaman sea reef fish are present including sweetlips and angelfish.

West Canister can also be an exciting night dive site.

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