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Where to dive in Burma

A few suggestions for where to dive in Burma:

Where to dive in Burma

Shark Cave

  • Black Rock – Black Rock is one of the best dive sites in Burma’s Mergui archipelago where it is possible to see almost anything. This is an exposed dive site in open seas a long way from anywhere else and therefore acts as a natural magnet for marine life. Manta rays and eagle rays are fairly common visitors to Black Rock. Less common but very spectacular are the squadrons of mobula rays that fly through in formation.
  • Western Rocky – the southern most dive site in Burma’s Mergui archipelago. The dramatic underwater terrain has something to suit most divers. There are walls, sloping reefs, boulders and pinnacles. The most popular section of the dive site however is the tunnel that runs all the way through the middle of the island. The star attraction are the very large tawny nurse sharks that live in the tunnel and occasionally block the route through for divers.
  • Where to dive in Burma

    Silver Tip

    Shark Cave – Large tawny nurse sharks are the most common sharks seen here. Grey reef sharks are also seen on the outside of the tunnel and some divers encounter them as they swim through the tunnel which can get hearts pounding a little faster. Pelagic species like rainbow runner, barracuda and trevally are common.

For a more comprehensive list of Burma dive sites see: thailandliveaboards.com/burmadivesites

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